Slack Integration

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Hrvey’s integration with Slack.

What does the Slack integration do?


You can set up notifications about absence in Slack. The Slack integration will post every morning to a channel of your choice to let you and your users know if anyone is on vacation or other leave today.

Daily Slack notification

Also, every Monday it’ll give you a heads up about any upcoming absences this week.

Weekly Slack notification

(Premium) You can set this up for different channels and with a different scope of which users it notifies about (e.g. so each team or office is only notified when someone from the same team or office is absent).

Booking time off

Our chatbot allows you to book time off right from Slack:

Book chat

The chatbot provides help about how it works if you simply say ‘help’ to it. For more details see this article

Approvers get a direct message when someone is requesting leave and can respond right in the message.

Slack request

And once your request has been approved you are notified directly as well

Slack request

Enabling the Slack Integration

These steps need to be completed by the owner of your organization or an admin. Also, you need to have owner or admin rights in Slack as well, to be able to install the integration there.

  • Go to the Get Started page and click the button ‘Add Slack Integration’ under the step ‘Configure Slack integration’.

  • On the following page, select which channel you want the daily and weekly absence notifications to be posted to. You can either use a dedicated channel or use one your team uses for everyday coordination.

  • Once you’ve accepted, you’re good to go!

Note that the direct message feature assumes users are using the same email address on Hrvey and Slack - if not, then we will not be able to send notifications to those users.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write us at

If you don’t already have an account you can learn more and sign up for free at