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Free and simple
leave tracking

Hassle-free tracking of vacation and sick days for all your employees - get up and running in seconds!


Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Manage sick days and vacation

Hrvey provides a central place to keep track of any kind of leave. Get an overview and generate reports.

Work from your email

We believe in tools that adapt to your workflow and not vice versa. Managers can approve or reject leave requests right from their email inbox.

Shared team calendar

Time off is automatically updated in a team calendar, that you can see in Google Calendar, Outlook and on your phone.

Imports all users automatically

If you use G Suite integration we can automatically create accounts for all your employees and they can just log in with their Google account.

How Hrvey helps you save time

G Suite Integration

Import all G Suite users and let the whole team log in with their existing Google accounts.


Get monthly summaries of vacation and sick days for each employee and easily export to a spreadsheet.

'Who's out?' Calendar

See who's out of office with the shared team calendar which is automatically kept up to date.

Slack integration

Keep your team up to date about who's out with our handy chatbot.

Employee Directory

Can't remember the name of your new co-worker? Don't recall what Stan from accounting looks like? Find it here.


Keep track of how much of each leave type each person has left.

Free Forever

Our Starter plan is FREE forever for as many users as you like. Additional features (for bigger companies) are available in our Premium plan.

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Installation only takes a few minutes


Free, easy to set up, no credit card required