Google Workspaces Installation

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Installing Hrvey on Google Workspaces (formerly G Suite)

First, ensure that you are logged in as a Google Workspaces admin. In order to install hrvey go to our listing on the Google Workspaces Marketplace and press the Install button in the top right corner.

Grant Permissions

Grant hrvey the needed permissions to access your organization in the Google Workspaces Admin Console (you can find a link that works for your organization in the wizard on this page )

If you are asked to log into the Admin Console, do so, then click through to Apps -> Marketplace Apps -> Hrvey -> Data Access and grant permissions.

Admin Login

You or another Google Workspaces admin then needs to log into Hrvey if you aren’t already (this and the following step is needed so we can fetch a list of users on your behalf)

Enable Admin API Access

You only need to perform this step if it has not already been performed for your organization. If there’s a green checkmark next to the step here then you’re already done.

In the Google Workspaces Admin Console, go to click through to Security -> API Reference, set the checkmark next to “Enable API access” then click save.