G Suite Installation

A guide to these steps is also available on hrvey.com/setup

Installing Hrvey on G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work)

First, ensure that you are logged in as a G Suite admin. In order to install hrvey go to our listing on the G Suite Marketplace and press the Install button in the top right corner.

Grant Permissions

Grant hrvey the needed permissions to access your organization in the G Suite Admin Console (you can find a link that works for your organization in the wizard on this page )

If you are asked to log into the Admin Console, do so, then click through to Apps -> Marketplace Apps -> Hrvey -> Data Access and grant permissions.

Admin Login

You or another G Suite admin then needs to log into Hrvey if you aren’t already (this and the following step is needed so we can fetch a list of users on your behalf)

Enable Admin API Access

You only need to perform this step if it has not already been performed for your organization. If there’s a green checkmark next to the step here then you’re already done.

In the G Suite Admin Console, go to click through to Security -> API Reference, set the checkmark next to “Enable API access” then click save.