Setting Weekly Schedules

This guide tells you how to configure the weekly work schedule for your employees. When users request time off, Hrvey only counts the time that is outside of their normal work schedule - so e.g. weekend days are not counted. Note that custom schedules are a Premium feature - on the free tier, all employees use the default schedule of Mon-Fri.

Set the default schedule for an office

To set the default weekly schedule for an office, find the office on the Offices page and click ‘Edit’.

A bit down the page you should see a box with checkboxes for each half day of the week. This is the default schedule for all employees who work at this office.

Edit Office Schedule

Override the default schedule for an employee

To override the default schedule from the office for a given employee (e.g. someone working part time), go to the profile page of that employee by clicking their name in the Employees list, then click ‘Edit’ at the top right. Now, in the righthand side of the page toward the bottom, you can see a box with the weekly schedule for the employee

Edit Employee Schedule

To override the default schedule from the office, uncheck ‘Uses schedule from office?’ and then customize the schedule below as you want it. As always, don’t forget to click ‘Save’ at the top right when you are done.

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