Employee Quickstart Guide

Hrvey is a tool for tracking vacation and other absence at work - you make a request for time off and your manager approves it. This guide will help employees start using Hrvey.

Logging in

You can log in by going to www.hrvey.com and clicking Log In at the top right. If you have a G Suite account (i.e. if your company is using Google Docs and Google Sheets and your company email looks like Gmail but uses your own web domain after @ instead of gmail.com) then you can just log in by clicking the ‘Log in with Google’ button at the top - that way you don’t need to remember a password for Hrvey. Otherwise you should have received an invitation email with a link that you can click to join the organization and set up a password.

Requesting time off

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the dashboard - it shows a calendar of absences (by default it shows only the team you’re on, but you can change this at the top left). And at the top right is a button you can click to Book Time Off. When you do, you can see your available vacation allowance over on the right - and the system will warn you if you try to book more than you have available. Select the dates you are off, and the type of time off (vacation, sick leave or something else) and click save to send the request. Your approver will receive an email with your request, and you’ll receive an email when they have approved it.

Subscribing to calendars

If you want, you can also subscribe to a calendar of absences in Google Calendar or Outlook - you can do this for the whole company, or just a single team or office that you’re interested in. To set this up, go to this page to get a link to the calendar you want and here’s a guide how to subscribe to this from Google Calendar (also linked from the sidebar)

Using Slack

If you’re using Slack, it’s also possible to book time off from there - here’s a guide how to do that.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write us at support@hrvey.com