Customize leave year per employee

Hrvey has a new feature: Set the leave year start date per employee. Where previously all employees at an office shared the same leave year start and end dates, as of today it is also possible to individually customize the leave year in two ways:

  1. Let each employees’ leave year start on their job start date (i.e. a new leave year starts on their work anniversary every year). This is an option that can be enabled per office, making it easy to set this up just for the countries where this is the norm. In case no job start date has been entered for an employee, they still default to the start date from the office.
  2. Override all of the above and instead explicitly set a leave year start date to whatever you want for any employees. Use this to customize the leave years completely or just to handle those few special cases with unusual contracts - it’s up to you!

The two options above can be configured when editing an office or employee profile respectively.


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